June 26, 2007

Praising with faint damnation

There isn't that much Quentin Davies' resignation letter but in Ignoring the fluff about presentation and Camerons attempts to be media friendly there is only one major political issue raised in the letter, the EU.
"It was quite clear to me that you had no qualms in principle about tearing up this agreement [with the EPP], and that it was only the balance of prevailing political pressures which led you ultimately to stop short of doing so (though since then you have hardly acted in good faith in continuing with the agreement, for example you never attend the EPP-ED Summits claiming that you are "too busy" - even though half a dozen or more prime ministers are always present.)"
So Dave really does want to get out of the federalist EPP. A reliable source of mine has already told me dave was a secret sceptic, but it's nice to have it confirmed. It is also nice to know that Cameron isn't just against the EPP because it plays well with his party since he also snubs them when the cameras are off by not attending their summits.

Quentin Davies is obviously a Europhile and he also voted for the Incumbency Allowance a Lbour proposed scheme to get the tax payer to fork out £10,000 to sitting MPs in order that they can better propogandise to their constitunents. His voting record on other issues places him as strongly for the Iraq War and strongly against Gay equality. Quite frankly if Cameron's leadership really did force somebody like this to go then that should be seen as a compliment to it not a criticism.


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